Happy Valentines Day!

IMG_0175.JPGWouldn’t it be amazing if others, especially your spouse, focused on all your good attributes all the time?! If they celebrated all the good you bring to the table in your marriage and simply were tremendously grateful for the blessing that you are in their lives?

I propose we be this kind of person for our husbands.

Dear friends, lets be those who take the pressure off of others and instead put all those pressures and longings on the only one who can truly fulfill ALL of our hearts longings and that is Jesus. There is no human being out there who can satisfy ALL of your hearts longings – but God can and He wants too!

Let’s be those who celebrate our spouses and who cherish them for the blessings that they are and for all that they do to love & help us and let’s be those who also find our other longings for love in our Heavenly Father who IS LOVE.

Everything we need is in HIM.

Lets take the pressure off of others.

Lets cherish and appreciate deep in our hearts all the good that our spouses (friends, children, etc) do bring to our lives.

Write a “Fun Loving List” for your spouse (and if you’re an over achiever, go ahead and do this for anyone special in your life – children, friends, etc). Write anything and everything about them that you love and appreciate. Save it. Print it. Write it in a card for them. Add to it frequently. Review it often if you’re struggling to love that special someone.

Love to you my special readers on this beautiful Valentines Day.


You are treasured,