Preparing for Beautiful Planner

Wrestling with disorganization, the un-known or just unsure of how to live a beautiful, organized life? Do you see clutter all around, children that need to be trained and the workload just seems endless? Does it make you feel anxious, overwhelmed, stressed, confused or just at a loss as to where to even begin? I have been there and felt these exact same feelings! Good news - you don't have to settle with chaos for your season - their is help and solutions! You were created to live your life from a place of beauty and order so you can enJOY your life.
Like I mentioned above, I have been there! I was never taught nor trained in the ways of beauty and order in my younger years and as a result I found myself feeling overwhelmed as a young wife and mom and confused to even what an organized life even looked like. I felt hopeless. But I had this faith inside that believed their was more. I began to seek out mentors and train myself in ways of beautiful living and I exposed my eyes and my heart to those who were already thriving in these areas. And you know what, I began to grow. I began to change. I have been trained by certified professional organizers and by the most incredible mentors & mothers who steward their lives with excellence in every area. I have grown in wisdom and I have learned so much in the past 10+ years of marriage and am now raising (and homeschooling!) 4 little girls of our own (ages 2, 4, 6 & 8) and now I want to turn around and share all that I've learned with YOU so you can excel MUCH faster! (I wish I had this tool and service when I was a younger lady)!  
You don't need to wait for help any longer, I am here for you!
After you purchase the PFB Planner, I will:
1. Schedule via email a Face-time or Phone call with you, whatever your preference may be. We will connect and talk thru how you are currently feeling & doing regarding your home-life and where you would like to be. We will talk thru what your specific needs are for your fully customized PFB Planner that I will create for you.
2. I will email you the PFB Planner's editable PDF files and we will work thru them together.
3. I will make your customized PFB Planner and ship it to you within 2 business days of our Phone/Face-time call.
4. I will offer guidance along this whole process (hand-holding if you will :)) to make sure you are receiving a clear and doable written out game plan so you can live your life beautifully and orderly.
We will walk thru this process together and I assure you that so much of the battle is simply having a good & clear plan. Intentional planning will prepare you for a beautiful life and will put you further ahead. Let me help you rise up and overcome the obstacles before you. You can win! And I will help see you to it!!
Having your customized PFB Planner by your side will keep you focused & on-track. You'll be organized, you'll remember all the things you need to because you will have a perfect place to write them down. You'll create healthy habits that will condition you to simple routines that'll bring beauty and order to your life. Your laundry, budgeting, morning & night-time routines & working out are going to get on track!
You do not have to keep on trying to figure it all out on your own. Help is here! No more feeling embarrassed because you accidentally forgot again. No more wasting time trying to remember what you are supposed to be doing again. The PFB Planner is a personalized guide to help guide your day.
You don't need to live your life feeling overwhelmed, embarrassed or at a loss as to how to live your life organized.
You will become good at planning & preparing. You will become organized and grow in your capacity as you have clarity around your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly goals. You were created for greatness and nothing short of that! Allow this simple tool to help you move forward in the things that matter most to you- living your life beautifully in every area. It's who you are - beautiful!
All you need to do is this: Purchase the PFB Planner today and I will meet you on the other side! It's such a small investment to finally have a coach and be able to feel organized! Go for it!
I'm so excited to get to know you and help you!

Your Preparing for Beautiful Planner includes 10 editable organizing PDF's:

*Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Routine Charts

*Daily To Do List

*Master To Do List

*Daily Kids Routine Chart

*Kids Paid Routine Chore Chart

*Big Project To Do List

*Packing List

*2 different Meal Planning options

*a place to hold notes

*a place to hold your current bills to be paid

*a place to hold thank you cards and stamps

Very durable, beautiful (5 color options), labeled organizer.

Price: $37.00

Shipping: $8.00