Preparing for Beautiful Planner

As a wife or a mom are you feeling overwhelmed with all the things? Has the seasons come so rapidly and life has just piled up and you’re not sure how to handle it all.

My beautiful friend, what you need to get rid of your feeling of overwhelm is a plan. The Preparing for Beautiful Planner will help you do just that. And the beautiful thing is, this is a fully editable/customized planner for YOUR special life. This planner has the organized framework completed for you, now all you need to do is type in your plan, save & print (& re-print or re- edit as much as you would like as seasons change).

Included is 15 editable PDF’s that I have created for you to help organize your life. A checklist & a place for all the things.

What’s included:

1. Yearly calendar beginning from month of purchase

2. Daily/Weekly Routine chart

2. Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Routine chart

3. Daily To-Do List

4. Master To-Do List

5. Kids’ Daily/Weekly Routine chart

6. Kids Daily/Weekly PAID Routine Chore chart

7. Homeschool Records-keeping chart

8. Packing List

9. Meal Planning/Shoping List

10. Notes section

11. Budgeting section

12. Bill payables section

13. To be Filed section

14. Mailing section.. a place for your Thank You cards, envelopes & stamps

15. A customizable Weekly 24HR Schedule

16. Big Projects To-Do list

**and if something isn’t covered that you need, please reach out to me about what you need if I can custom create it for you!

All sections of this 14-pocket organizer/planner are customized for your specific needs. After purchasing, I will contact you via email to customize your planner. Usual creation time is 2 days post purchase & then it’s shipped out to you! Customizable PDF’s are emailed to you within 24hrs of purchase.

Very durable, beautiful Teal Blue color, labeled organizer.

$59 plus tax & s/h. Please reach out to me at as I am quickly working on getting a store up and running on this site 🙂

Thank you kindly! XO, Angie