Tip #4 to bringing beauty & order into your world

IMG_6746I really enjoy all of these tips I’m sharing with you but maybe my favorite one is tip #4 of bringing beauty & order into our everyday lives which is to clean-up the kitchen as much as you can after each meal!! I understand life doesn’t always allow that but it’s something I try to do if time allows. Isn’t it so much joyful & easier to creatively cook when beginning with a clean kitchen?! Every night we make sure the sink is empty, countertops have all been wiped down & usually 1x a day we do a quick sweep which is easy because it’s a pretty small kitchen & w/ 8 people in & out all day (our kitchen is the walkway to get outside) it’s necessary! My favorite thing to do while cleaning the kitchen is try to make it fun & a refreshing task! Dance party!! Or connecting with whomever is helping to clean-up or if I’m by myself I love to listen to a podcast. Often when washing dishes throughout the day I use it as my que to begin thanking God out loud for all the little things I’m so thankful for in my life! Rather than it being a daunting task, I really enjoy cleaning up & feel refreshed afterwards!


Tip #3 to bringing beauty & order to your world

IMG_6745Tip #3 for bringing beauty & order into our everyday lives is wiping down our bathroom countertops before going to bed. We currently are living with our in-laws while our home is going under a remodel so in the meantime all 6 of us 1 bathroom! While getting ready for bed I usually do this as I’m brushing my teeth/washing face. I’ll usually quickly put things back in their place & grab a wet-wipe (or any disinfectant wipes or a wet cleaning wash cloth could do the trick too!) and wipe down the countertop & sink. This is also our in-laws’ guest bathroom so this really helps keep the bathroom manageable until it gets deep cleaned, which we are blessed to be able to have a house cleaner come every 2wks. How do you maintain your bathroom in between the deep-cleans?