Grocery Delivery Service thru Amazon Fresh


I’ve always wanted to consistently meal plan, but the process is time-consuming – know what I mean?!

The process of shopping is time-consuming too… I would think “I don’t have the TIME to plan out our whole week of meals, I just need to go because I have a window of opportunity now before the next nap (or whatever)” so I always would just GO and get “the usual” stuff we get.

Here’s the problem though… grocery shopping for a family of 6 became a HUGE budget buster! I was overspending SO much. It turns out, grocery shopping for MOST families is an EASY area to bust the budget. I can’t afford to not take the time to plan ahead! Taking the time to meal-plan saves you money!!

I tried Amazon Fresh grocery delivery service along time ago and IT DIDN’T work BECAUSE I wasn’t prepared.

I would do my usual grocery shopping at Trader Joes then the things I forgot to pick up at the store (because I didn’t go with a plan/list), I would order thru Amazon Fresh. This is NOT the way to grocery shop online. It’s a money waster. Because you are paying a $14/month service fee plus a tip. (DON’T let the service fee/tip scare you away- keep reading!)

How to make online grocery shopping work for you and your budget and why I love it now.

*Something you need to know about online grocery shopping.. You have to schedule a delivery drop-off date and time and in our experience it’s usually a 1-2 days out (depends on your area and if it’s in stock for that day) SO prepare your order ahead of time. I love this feature because it allows me the time to refine my order if needed. After I have my order all scheduled, I can look at the total price and weed-out unnecessary items if needed. I love this! I can really stick with our budget because I have the TIME to manage /dial in our grocery order if needed. (Verses going to the registry at a grocery store and once it’s all rung up realizing you went over your budget AGAIN).

Here are some of my tips for online grocery shopping and how to do it frugally:

  1. Go thru your pantry & refrigerator – what can you pull together for meals? Often times when I do this I discover we can go at least a couple to few more days with what we already have on hand. Get creative. This will help save you money with getting creative with the little you have left. Eat what you have in your pantry. Cook that rice, those beans, those noodles, what can you use to stretch meals? What small purchases can you make to add to what you’ve already got to make a meal? Write those meals down in your Meal Plan and add those few extra missing ingredients to your grocery list.
  2. You gotta do the meal planning. DO IT! It’s worth it!!! Now that I purchase my groceries online, it saves time (don’t need to run to the grocery store every week) so there is enough time to do your meal planning and your shopping. And you can do it conveniently when the kids are playing or watching a show or after they’re in bed. Don’t go into your online grocery store and just randomly pick things, that’s a budget buster waiting to happen! Have somewhat of a PLAN.
  3. Purchase ONLY the items on your list (from your meal plan). When you first begin this process online, it may take some time because it’s your first time. That’s ok! They have a “Grocery List” that you can use on your Amazon Fresh account that you can add to as you notice items you are low on or out of. They also have a “Your Past Purchases” feature so you can easily refer back to what you’ve bough before. These features will make your next shopping experiences quicker and easier. (This is the same for meal planning, the more you do it – the quicker you can refer to your previous meal planning and the quicker you get at the process). You will have a day or two to make adjustments to your order if needed, if you change your idea on a meal or you forgot you were out of an item, you can adjust your order, which is great!

Common questions asked:

  1. Where do you purchase your groceries online? I purchase ours through Amazon Fresh. It is a $14.99/mo. Service charge. The first month that you sign up is free. Their was also a promo code available when I signed up for $25 off on my first purchase. And I’ve noticed other promo codes available as I’ve out in more orders as well. Usually there is at least a $10 OFF code available. (This practically waives the service fee!) There is also a Tip option available for your driver. Recommended $5’s per trip. I grocery shop about every 1-1.5 weeks.. That’s $10-20 in monthly tips. This is completely up to you if you do this or not. I have friends who order much more frequently than me and they do not tip every time because that would add up quickly. This is the person’s job and they do get paid good. Don’t bust your budget      here. Do what is comfortable within your budget. You are already paying for the service.

Adding this all up is about $30-35/mo. for this service if you had a delivery each week with a tip. It’s free shipping if you have an order of at least $30.00. Do not place an order just for a couple of items – that’s a money waster.

  1. Is the produce FRESH and GOOD? YES! I was pleasantly surprised that it was very fresh! On one order I had ordered a bunch of clementine oranges and a bunch of bananas. 5 of the oranges in the whole bag were very soft, starting to go bad and a few of my bananas had gotten a little bruised. I quickly contacted customer service and they, without questions, apologized for that and reimbursed those items. It was very easy. I had a friend who had 1 rotten strawberry in her bunch of strawberries and she uploaded a picture of it and sent it to customer service and they immediately reimbursed her for the whole carton of berries. Amazon’s customer service is easy to work with and they provide great service. Again, these instances were a very small percentage 98% was GREAT! And that’s pretty normal to purchase a bunch of something at a grocery store and to have 1 or a few in a bag going. But what an inconvenience to have to go back to the grocery store. This is so much quicker and easier to simply call Amazon’s customer service to get a quick refund.
  2. Does it really help you save money? YES! Because I can really fine-tune my order and see the total amounts.. I have been saving a significant amount. It’s amazing also when you meal plan how much you realize you don’t actually need. So much would go to waste. Also with the promo codes offered, I really am finding that helps compensate for the service fee. Which if you think about the GAS it takes you to run back and forth to the grocery store several times a month and the TIME it takes you… the service fee is not extra.
  3. Are your deliveries on-time? YES! You schedule when you would like them to be delivered, usually it’s between a 2hr window such as between 7-9AM or 1-3PM, etc. and they are very good about sending text updates with a precise time as the time draws close. Also, they don’t ring your doorbell or knock on your door. You get a text on your phone the moment your groceries have been delivered on your doorstep. It’s really nice 🙂
  4. LAST TIP TO NOTE: There are “Pick up” locations! There are 2 in the Seattle area. If you happen to live near the pickup areas you can pickup your order within a couple of hours from when you placed your order… you just place your order online then you drive-up, pop open your trunk and they load your groceries for you! This is great if you live near by one of these locations or you happen to be out and about running errands that day anyway or if you needed your groceries before they are able to deliver them, it saves you time and you don’t need to take all the kiddos in the store (or wake your sleeping little one’s)!

ALL IN ALL I do highly recommend this. We are loving it! If you have any other questions or comments, let me know below! Would love to talk with you in the comments below!

Love, Angie

Are you listening to your feelings and tending to your needs?

How aware are you of your feelings and what your needs are?

I’m growing in this awareness and realizing more and more how important this is to my overall health and well-being.

When I am able to identify what I am feeling and what my needs are and then able to communicate those 2 things in a healthy way to the people close to me, I am a much better wife, mom and person. Not to mention when I respect my feelings and needs I enjoy being me much more and that is an important thing to do, enjoying being yourself 🙂

Life has several different components that require our valuable time and energy. I find that if I go too long neglecting one of these components than my feelings will turn from being generally joyful, grateful & content to being short with the people I love the most, irritable, perhaps feeling overwhelmed &/or a general sense that something doesn’t feel right on the inside. If these feelings begin to surface than it’s a sure sign that somewhere I have not been listening to my feelings nor tending to my needs.

Here are some different components of my life I know I need to consistently be tending too – yours may be different but It’s a really good idea to identify what they are and what they need from you so you can regularly be making deposits.

Spiritual – for me this is for the most part on a daily basis connecting with my Heavenly Father, renewing my mind in God’s word, prayer, worship, church. My relationship with Jesus is my strength and my power-source to living an abundant, overcoming life. This renews my perspective, is my manual for living life well and no one can love and serve me like my relationship with my loving Heavenly Father can.

Soul – for me this is getting a few hrs a week to myself to plan, schedule, dream, perhaps write like I am doing here in this blog post or study something that is feeding life to me. Sometimes its reading a good book. Can also be a relaxing hot bath before bed. I know for my husband he is an extravert so he is greatly recharged by being with his best buds and doing fun things. What is it for you that recharges your soul? This is so important because life can place a big demand on our souls and it’s important that we tend to the recharging. This is very healthy and very good for your healthy and overall well-being.

Physical exercise – helps with energy, with feeling healthy and strong, releases endorphins that help ward-off depression. So important. Even just a little 4-5/wk is so beneficial. I started making it a goal of 5x/wk for a minimum of 10minutes and I can feel and see the benefits from this. If I am able to do more, great – but truly even 10 minutes can be beneficial. I would do this before hoping in the shower – since I have 4 little kiddos at home Its tougher to get in long workouts.

Nutrition – It’s important to consume at least 50% of your diet as living foods – Greens, vegetables and fruit. Drink plenty of water 32-48oz/day (I’m working on this!!). Blending yummy smoothies is a great way to get in extra living foods. Spinach in tasteless in a smoothie and if you add frozen organic fruit and a little lemon &/or a small piece of ginger it’s so yummy and good for you!

Marriage – If you’re married, this is your #1 relationship on this planet. Make investments continually. This is God’s gift to you, nurture your relationship. Figure out what your spouse’s love language is and make those deposits regularly. Find out what their needs are and do your best to help ensure those needs are being met. Are you having plenty of date nights and sex? Also – make sure you do have a thriving relationship with Jesus because no human being on this planet is equipped to meet ALL of your beautiful hearts needs – only God can do that. Learn to allow Him to meet your needs and then simply enjoy and be grateful for what your spouse can bless you with. Pressure off of other people to meet all our needs and pressure ON God because He is the one who actually can meet our needs 🙂

Parenting – If you are a parent – the needs physical and emotional required from you in teaching and training your children require so much of you so it’s very, very important that you are getting your spiritual, soul, physical exercise, nutrition, and marriage needs taken care of. A healthy woman is able to be a healthy mom to her children. And what a great example to your children that you are able to be a well-rounded healthy woman.

Your Home – This is a constant demand. The laundry is never-ending as well as the meals, kitchen clean-up, tidying up, bathroom cleaning, sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, yard-work, etc, etc. Your work in your home is so important. A home in order contributes to feelings of peace, love, joy, haven and able to recharge. You can have a home that is peaceful and has some order even with many little ones in the home. It will require a lot of work, but it’s so worth it! If you work outside the home, perhaps you can hire some help. Being organized is essential in keeping your home in order. If you need help with this, my Illuminate My Life Planner would be such a blessing to you. It’s helped me in our home so much.

Budgeting – finances need to be in order, and you need to know where your money is going. Being a generous person to others also requires financial responsibility on our end so we are making wise investments with our finances and so we know what we even can give. I find I do best by the cash envelope system with the groceries/date night/fun spending/giving/house-hold items. I use YNAB (you need a budget) to help me keep my finances in order. For me personally, this can be one of the things that I let slip with staying on top of. I am really working on this because it is so important. It’s vital to a healthy marriage too.

Your family/friendships/work/passions/ministry…. Are other needs that you need to think thru & tend to on a regular basis in life. For sake of time I am going to end here for now. But please know that your feelings and your needs are very important. Your feelings are good and will help you to identify what your needs are. I recently learned of the “I message” when identifying and communicating your needs to others. It goes like this “I feel ____(insert feeling)____ when you________ and I want to feel (how you want to feel) with you ____(when this happens or when you do____). It is your job to update your loved ones how you are feeling and what you need in a healthy/respectful way. Without attacking the other person. The “I message” allows you to communicate how you feel and what you need in a healthy/positive way. For more info on this I highly recommend Danny Silk’s book “Keep Your Love On”. It’s great.

Adore you beautiful friends and am praying for wisdom as you identify what your feelings and needs are.

Love you lots and we are in this together,