Why I love to workout…

Hello there beautiful friends! It’s a great day today! Another great day to rise up and overcome all that is before us. I was thinking about all the reasons why I love to workout and here is the list I came up with. At the end, I would love to hear YOUR list!

You feel so good afterwards!

More energy in your day.

Life seems so much more manageable, peaceful and joyful.

Feel and look stronger and healthier (an sexier, hello!).

The protein shakes afterwards.

The showers are always the most rewarding after a good workout!

Such a good example for our kids to see that as a habit.

Spurs us on to other good habits – such as drinking more water, taking our vitamins and eating healthier!

It’s like a vacation!

Helps relieve any tension we may be carrying.

Is a depression crusher.

Keeps us at healthy weight.

Improves our cognitive function- thinking, learning & memory.

Sleep is better.

Possible new clothes? 🙂

Feel more confident.

You’re an inspiration to others!

What do YOU love about working out? Please let me know in the comments below!

XO, Angie

Why I love the daily routines…

I love the daily routines of life! The making the beds, the preparing the meals, the kitchen clean-ups, the laundry, the folding and putting away the clothes, the picking up of toys, organizing the school room, the snuggling and comforting little ones’ sensitive little hearts and on and on the list goes – but here’s why I love it all…

Every day we have an opportunity to let heaven invade our world – bringing beauty and order into our lives.  Everyday we can choose to create, with the help of our Creator, a heavenly atmosphere in our hearts & in our homes that instills within those that are in our home the feeling of “I am worth living this life beautifully”.

It’s during these routine tasks that we do what we do that we can begin to let thankfulness roll off our lips. We can use that time to speak out loud all the little things we are grateful for & it’s amazing how afterwards we actually feel better & more refreshed because we just accomplished a task that needed to get done but also our souls were encouraged and filled up with joy as we began to turn our thoughts and our words on the praiseworthy things, the good, the beautiful & the lovely.

I want my home to be a place of peace, warmth, beauty, a place of lingering and that is inviting. A home that makes anyone who lives there or any visitor feel valued.

Each day as we choose to think about and meditate on the good and the beautiful and continually stay in an attitude of thankfulness, life is sweeter, lighter and more manageable. The routines become a delight and what an example for our little ones to see us modeling this. May we be those who model an example of staying far away from complaining and may we be those whose dialect is one of gratitude.

By cultivating a home where there is rhythms and a sense of order, there is security and peace and gives way to special times. I am often more available for the spontaneity that my husband and children like to plan on the fly in our evenings when the rhythms of order have been tended too. Please understand, given the choice between having special family time vrs laundry or clean-up – generally family time wins every time, but I feel so much more released and better when things are in order 🙂

I feel like tending to the daily routines in our today is also giving ourselves a gift of peace for our next day.

One of the things I always tell my girls is “why would you choose to complain over a task that you do nearly every single day of your life? Whether you are 3 years old or 93 years old, picking things up and putting them back in their place is something we all do- so why not CHOOSE to love it?! Doesn’t make any sense to CHOOSE to not like something you will be doing for the rest of your life!”

I love in the very, very beginning that “God took the Man and set him down in the Garden of Eden to work the ground and keep it on order.” (Genesis 2:15 Message) God knew work is good for us! That keeping to daily routines, keeping things in order would be good for our souls and our character.

Okay, why do YOU love the daily routines of life? I would LOVE to hear in the comments below! XO, Angie