Empowering our kids…

If you were to crack open my heart for a little bit here, you would find that my heart longs for, on a daily basis to start a business, to be an entrepreneur and to encourage and empower other women. I can’t help it, I think about it All. The. Time.

I recently was listening to a leadership podcast by Michael Hyatt and they were talking about the importance of empowering the team around you.

They said things like “How are you motivating and empowering your team?”

“When you empower your team, then their gifts and talents can flourish.”

“We double, triple, even quadruple our time when we learn how to empower our teams.”

“We deprive our team from using their gifts when we do the work they could be doing.”

And this final quote that I loved “Don’t do anything that others could or would do when theirs so much of importance to be done that others could not or would not do”.

I began thinking about my team and do you know who my team is in this season of my life? It’s my 4 darling little girls. Ages 7, 5, 4 & 2. They are my dream team. And I want to empower them in every possible way that I can.

It was just 2 months ago when we moved into our new home and I was beginning to quickly realize that I simply cannot keep all the balls in the air when it comes to keeping our home in order. I am 1 person and there are 6 people in our home and I cannot stay on-top of everything and have a healthy soul at the same time! My husband kept nudging me to “teach the girls to do some of these things so you don’t have too” and I gotta confess, I didn’t really have faith in them that they could do many of the things I was doing or at least not in a reasonable time-frame. I kept defaulting to cleaning up after every meal, cleaning up every evening, doing all the laundry and putting it away, even tidying up their rooms, etc, etc.

My husband began to see how tiring all this was on me so one wknd he took charge and put the kids on dishwashing duty and he did not allow me to step in. He gave our 4 year old a wet rag and showed her how to dust baseboards. He showed our oldest how to push a vacuum cleaner. And you guys… I WAS SURPRISED IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY!!! They really could do things. And they actually can do them pretty well. It’s been about a month now since we began empowering them in these different chores around our home and they continue to get better and faster as time has gone on.

One girl washes the dishes, another loads the dishwasher and drys and puts away.

Another girl wipes down all the kitchen countertops and the table.

Someone sweeps the floors.

One preps the children’s vitamins the night before.

Another sets the table for tomorrow’s breakfast with the bowls/plates, silverware, napkins and water cups. (With their vitamins on their plate that’s in a cute little dish).

They go throughout the living room/kitchen and pick up their things and put them away.

They clean-up their rooms.

They clean their own bathrooms.

They fold and put their laundry away.

On rotation they each have “their day” where they get to be the one helping with cooking the meals. On their day they also get to pick where they get to sit at the table, say the prayer before the meal and (once we get our TV hooked back up again) pick out the “show” if they get an opportunity to watch a show that day.

They help unload the groceries.

They dust.

They organize their toys.

They make their own beds.

They get their own jammies on, (they help their little 2yr old sister get her jammies on – and can even change a wet diaper (they hold the line on not changing a poopie!), they go potty and brush their teeth on their own.

As I have stuck with this and as I continue to empower my kids in helping out with these beautiful tasks to everyday life skills – I am seeing that I then have more time for working on our budget, doing some of the deeper cleaning, more time for meal prepping as they are cleaning up the kitchen, more time to work on things in my heart such as writing these blogs and doing things that only I can do. They are growing leaps and bounds and learning great work-ethics and their confidence has also grown so much. They are owning their responsibilities and I couldn’t be more proud. As they have grown more comfortable with these routine tasks I have noticed them being more self-starters on their own accord. We homeschool and sometimes it’s so neat when I walk into the living room and I see that one or two of my girls has already finished their math & writing work for the day! (It doesn’t always happen that way! But it has a few times and it’s been happening since they’ve owned more responsibilities). I will say, we are nowhere perfect in all of this and we do our best to be consistent but sometimes things come up. And that’s ok.  We pick up where we left off and begin again. We do our best with what we have and their are still times where I may lend a helping hand in cleaning a room or with laundry or the dishes. I’m working on this! But we have come so far in the short amount of time we began implementing these things and I’m grateful for their contribution and hard work.

I am doing my best as a parent to be much more open to allowing them to help when they ask for it. I think out of feeling overwhelmed and that I like things just-so I got into a bad habit of saying “No thank you, I got this”. But I realized this is not good for me or them. And just as if I did have a staff around me, whom I would want to empower – so I realize I have these 4 precious daughters whom I want to empower and equip in every possible way and who are far more valuable than any future staff. They are my ministry. My daily ministry. And they are worth it all.

How have you motivated & empowered your kids? Do you have any words of encouragement or great tips/advice on this? Or maybe you are like how I recently had always been and this is maybe something you want to incorporate. Do you have any questions? I sure would love to hear your thoughts below.

Thanks so much! Love you friends!! We got this!!

All my love,


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