Tip #2 to bringing beauty & order to your world

IMG_6744Tip #2 for bringing beauty & order into our everyday lives is to do a load of laundry everyday! In our home, we are a family of 6- 2 adults, 4 kiddos. If I go too long without washing/drying/putting the clothes away then it can easily become overwhelming & take so long to do! But I’ve learned if I simply throw a load in each night, then the next morning, switch the clothes, then take the clothes that are in the dryer out, fold them & put them away immediately- then it’s super manageable. We then have clean clothes & we do not have all the piles! It’s WONDERFUL!!! And a bonus, with little ones, they do not get overwhelmed with the little bit each day – it’s an easy manageable size for big and small 🙂 Do you have a system for maintaining your laundry loads? Would love to hear! XO, Angie


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