Tip #1 to bringing beauty & order to your world

Routine tip #1 to bringing beauty & order to our lives is to make beds everyday! It is such a quick little task but brings so much order, beauty & joy! Nothing like going to bed at night with a made bed vrs the tug-a-war game w/ your spouse of pulling parts of sheets & blankets over yourself. Maybe you can get away with that for 1 night but it’s no way to make a habit of going to bed like that! It’s robbing that little bit of peace & joy you can have when falling asleep. You’ve accomplished a lot in your day, make sure you fall asleep in a peaceful way with a made bed. I’ve gotten my girls into a habit of making their beds 1st thing in the morning. They love a made bed too! How does it make you FEEL when your bed is made? Tell me in the comments below!



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